Disclaimer: Please read

I am a new hire at a private freight railway company in NSW and this blog is not about it or its business plans and operations. Inevitably this blog about my transition from paid, stipendiary and ordained Anglican ministry through my current role as a trainee train driver to my ultimate goal of becoming a train driver will discuss some of what I do for the railway company. It will probably be obvious to some readers what that company is.

I do not represent the company, nor do I claim to make representations. My comments are my own opinions and not those of the company.

Similarly I do not represent the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, the Anglican Church of Australia or any parish contained within these. My comments are my own opinions and not those of these denominational authorities and local churches.

In seeking not to release information that might be unhelpful for the parties mentioned above I may have to obscure certain facts. This will not create an untrue account of my own situation however care must be taken not to assume that situations, events and ideas attributed to the aforementioned parties are accurate.

The facts about my change of direction are, however, as factual as the above provisions allow.